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Practical and Affordably Priced

Our walk in bathtubs  are designed specifically for people who  require a easier way to take bath , safer and more comfortable.  Our walk in bathtub offer new alternative for elderly people to enjoy.  We offer affordable, well made, walk in bathtubs that is as practical, safe and  good looking. All units we install come with  20 years manufacturer warranty.

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Attention senior citizens and handicapped individuals!

 Are you tired of asking for help to take a bath?  Do you dread getting into the tub and all the hassle that comes with it?  Now there is a new solution, the Walk In Baths!!!  Imagine taking a bath in your own home UNASSISTED!  You can get a wonderful bath as well as therapeutic benefits from one of our wonderful tubs.  Look at these features:

 3 Speed Full Hydrotherapy Air Spa System, with 16 Hydro-Ports.  Each Hydro-Port has eight jets that results in a total of 128 jets developed to give you a therapeutic massage that will put a smile on your face again and again.   The benefits of the massage are numerous such as better circulation, reduced pain in muscles and joints, and improved range of motion!

 Heated Foot and Leg Massager.  No more going to the local beauty parlor for a foot massage.  This simple design allows you to sit down in the tub while it does all of the work to help those aching feet get the relief they desperately need.  If you suffer from tiredness rather than pain, doctors suggest cold water instead.  Best of all, by switching between the warm and cool waters you may see improved blood flow throughout your legs, enhancement in varicose veins, insomnia, headache high blood pressure.

 We offer a Safety Speed Drain on all of our tubs.  Our experience has shown that mechanical drains do not efficiently drain the water and can often fail.  This leaves you stranded in a walk-in tub full of water.  Our solution is to provide you with a faster and safer draining system, a stainless steel safety speed drain.

 Care free Maintenance!  The automated self-purging/self-cleaning system washes away harmful bacteria, mould and mildew to help keep the tub functioning at top performance.  This system kicks into place after your bath has finished, giving you peace of mind that your system will perform flawlessly next time.


The tubs also have wonderful physical features as well:

Rich High Gloss Protective Finish.

Anti-Slip Floor.
Anti-Slip Contoured Comfort Seat.
18" Extra High Seat.
Wide Door with  for Easy Opening & Closing.
Threshold as Low as 7" for Safe and Easy Access.
Easy to Use Extra Long Stainless Steel Lever Handle on the Door.
The simplest, easiest, most convenient Walk In Bathtub door to open and close regardless of your   physical strength or condition.

Right or Left Mounted Doors Inward Opening for Safety.



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