Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

Dead urinal

Ops....!!!!. thursday afternoon, busy and popular Japanese SUMO restaurant in Rome, Georgia. Two side by side urinals in main mens bathroom out of business.

Owner called drain cleaning outlet to unclog this two urinals and restore them to normal use. No joy.... after numerous attempts to open drains via traps in urinals no luck. Drain cleaners removed urinal and run bigger cable. Finally they called us.

What we got here?... To blocked urinals hanging on wallpapered wet sheet rock wall with a lot "hit and miss" markings on it.

Time to rip it all out, fix it by tomorrow afternoon and fit it all in tight budged.

Lets take a peek!. Previous attempt to clear blocked urinals ended up with cable traveling across sanitary "T" and coming out from other urinal drain. After cutting vent stack we can run cable straight down to under the slab section of the drain. It took 25' of cable and a lot of turning and banging to clear this branch of drain line.

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